Our children are like most, and love to snack. Of course we allow them to have the typical cookies and cakes, but those are regulated. Instead, we really encourage the kiddos to snack healthy. One of their favorite snacks are Clif Kid ZFruit and Clif Kid ZBars. These are great snacks that we feel good about our children eating. 

     Clif ZFruit are roped snacks that children love! These awesome little snacks are perfect for on the go or in a lunchbox. My kiddos grab them and then run out to play. I love them because there are no crumbs left behind. The Clif ZFruit has a great fruit flavor, and nothing else! No artificial flavor, synthetic preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup. These great little ropes are all natural and gluten free. ZFruit comes in four flavors: fruit punch, grape, mixed berry, and strawberry. There are also ZFruit+Veggie ropes. These come in three awesome flavors: berry blast, cheery cherry, and mango mania. 
     Clif ZBars are another favorite snack in our home. Since we are always outdoors, the kids love bars as snacks. They are quick and convenient, but give the kids the energy they need. My kids love Clif ZBars because they come in fun flavors: chocolate brownie, chocolate chip, honey graham, iced lemon cookie, iced oatmeal cookie, and monster chocolate mint. I love Clif ZBars because they are USDA Organic. Each of these bars have vitamins and minerals to help your kiddos. Like the Clif ZFruit, these bars are all natural. There are no artificial flavors or synthetic preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup. You can feel great about your kiddos snacking on these Clif ZBars! Clif also offers ZBars Protein. These are whole grain protein snacks that have 5g of protein and 3g of fiber in each bar. 
     Next time your kiddo is hungry, hand them a Clif snack! Check out their site here! Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook and on twitter! 
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Junction food and snacks is most favorite of kids. All the parents is want to healthy snacks and cookies is best for kids. Chocolate is good for us but to much use it makes the bones week.


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