Piping Rock is a great online shop where you can purchase all of the highest quality vitamins and supplements at the lowest prices online! Piping Rock has everything healthy shoppers want all in one site. 
     We had the opportunity to try several products from Piping Rock. I absolutely loved the Arnica Massage Oil. Since the husband and I work out, this massage oil has been a complete life saver. It helps to relieve muscle fatigue and discomfort while providing the benefits of arnica. This Piping Rock massage oil is easy and ready to use. It naturally softens and stimulates your skin without being greasy. 

     I use this Piping Rock Massage Oil every time I work out. It is perfect right after you shower. Just rub it onto the aching area, using circular motions. The best part is you only need a very small amount, so this huge bottle lasts quite a while. If you are not familiar with arnica, it is a flowering plant native to North America and Europe. The flower, a member of the same family as daisies and sunflowers, boasts a distinct yellow color and an herbal aroma. Popular in oils and creams, it has been used topically as early as the 12th century to help ease joint and muscular discomfort when massaged into areas of concern.
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Nancy Jachcik
12/07/2014 6:45pm

I have arthritis so I believe it would be worth my while to see f the arnica massage oil provides me with some relief


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