Premium Roller Shower Curtain rings are the ideal choice for your bathroom. They blend well and gives unique and vivacious highlight to your bathroom. These rings are made of stunning, polished chrome that will compliment your other bathroom fixtures nicely.

     Curtain rings slide easily along the ride with an effortless pull.  They fit any shower curtain and rod type. Five roller balls give space between the rod and hooks, providing a near frictionless surface. Heavy-duty brass roller balls and stainless steel hooks ensure incomparable longevity and an always-beautiful finish on our Shower Curtain Hooks. Designed with quality steel that will never rust or corrode, even under the consistent humidity of your bathroom. 
     The curtain rings come with a 100% money back guarantee. 
     To purchase, click the Amazon link below! 
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Maggie b.
12/25/2014 2:00pm

I have these and your right they do slide so easy!!!


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