As a child I loved Peeps Marshmallow Chicks. They were always in my Easter basket and I would look forward to them every year. Now, as an adult, I can buy my kiddos Peeps all year long, and they aren't just the yellow chicks we remember. The Peeps of today are all shapes and sizes! For the Christmas season, Peeps has even paired up with the Minions of Despicable Me. My kids (and I) LOVE Minions, and they are on all Peeps packaging! 

     The selection of Peeps that Just Born has available is amazing! I wish we had these when I was a child! There are so many different new flavors just in time for the holidays!
     There are Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cookie Flavored Marshmallow Chicks which combine all  the sweet goodness of fresh baked sugar cookies with the delicious taste of creamy milk chocolate. Red Velvet Flavored Marshmallow Chicks that are dipped in delicious cream flavored fudge for a taste experience that is as wonderful as the cake itself.  Large Marshmallow Snowmen are full of character and perfect for PEEPS-inspired crafts and recipes. PEEPS Christmas Rainbow Pops are deliciously festive, holiday colored 'PEEPS on a stick'. They make the perfect stocking stuffer for PEEPS fans of all ages. 
     So check out Just Born to see all of the flavors and types available! Also, be sure to Follow them on Facebook and twitter! Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's


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