We have been struggling with teaching our ten year old to ride a bike for years. With her abilities, motor skills are very difficult at times. We have tried many different ways to teach her, and finally found one that worked. The 16" Strider Sport is a unique bike that now has our little girl riding! 
     The Strider 16" Sport Model is a redesign of the original model launched last year. It has better components, new features, and more adjustability. 

     The Strider Bike is amazing for children who are learning to ride a bike for the first time or who are dealing with special needs like my daughter. After a few weeks, she can finally ride, after years of trying! 
     These Strider Bikes are specifically made for ages 6-12. The bike itself is incredible light, so it isn't difficult for kiddos to pick up or handle. The weight limit of the bike goes to 187 lbs. The Strider Bike is available in five bright colors: red, green, blue, white, and black. 
     All of the 16" and 20" Striders ship partially assembled. They do require some assembly, but it is quite easy in our experience. It took approximately twenty minutes until our girl was riding. 
     Everyone in our family knew how to ride and it was definitely a setback that middle child could not. Strider Bikes has made such an impact on her life that it is astounding. Now, we are able to go on bike outings as a complete family. If you have a child who cannot ride, Strider Bikes is the way for them to learn. 
     Learn more about Strider bikes on their website HERE. You can also LIKE them on Facebook and follow them ontwitter
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