With our world being so hectic, many of us find it hard to connect with our children. Time In a Box by Fox Mind Games helps you to turn normal activities into special memories. 
     Time In a Box is a set of 96 cards that have fun activities for you and your child to complete together. After you choose an activity, you and your kiddos make a written agreement with ground rules (which you both abide by). Then, you start making memories. 

     The children and I loved this game. Instead of completing activities as one large group, we did them as pairs. So, I would take one child at a time so each kiddo would get their own time to feel special. It was really beautiful because we do not get much time to spend one on one time with the kids individually. Some of the activities are very simple, like building a blanket fort. So, after we built a fort, we would invite the other kiddos to join us. But, we still got one on one time with the original child. 
     I love Time In a Box. It is such a basic principle that we all forget about. Spending quality time with our kids. Not money, not elaborate trips, just listening to them and playing. 
     Check out Time In a Box HERE on the Fox Mind Games website. 
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