Do you have trouble getting your kiddo to eat their veggies? This awesome book, Broc and Cara's Picnic Party is a wonderful way to introduce your kid's to vegetables and teach them the value of healthy eating. 
     As a parent, we always struggle to get out children to make healthy food choices. If we instill in them the value of eating their fruits and veggies at a young age, it will follow them throughout their lives. What better way to communicate that to them than through book form? 

      In our home, we LOVE books! Many of our evenings are spent reading, and our kids actually love it. So, we try to choose books that teach them a lesson. Broc and Cara's Picnic Party does just that. My little guy loves the story and how his food is brought to life in the pages of this amazing book. 
     This story is going to keep your little one enchanted with its rhyming words and bright colors. It is a joy to read to my kids, and I look forward to it each time they pull it out of the bookshelf. 
     If you want to start your children onto a life of healthy eating, click the Amazon link below to order Broc and Cara's Picnic Party now! 
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Linda Moffitt
01/27/2015 9:04pm

How cute I love fun cute little ways to try and trick the kids into doing stuff they normally fight us against

01/29/2015 2:39pm

This looks like a really cute book! I'd love to get it for the kids at my house! :)

Ronald G
01/30/2015 4:21pm

I think this is a terrific aid to getting little one's to not only appreciate the value of veggies, but also to enjoy them


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