Do you have a child who loves to use a tablet or phone? Then let them enhance their digital drawing experience with this digital crayon. This is a perfect stylus for a kiddo to use with any touchscreen surface. Not only does it look like a crayon, but it also has a soft, rubber tip that will not damage screens. It is perfect for helping children with hand-eye coordination, and it is easy for them to grasp in their hands. 

     The Painting Lulu Digital Crayon provides a "real crayon-like" drawing experience on smartphones and tablets. compatible with iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Galaxy and many more. Painting Lulu Digital Crayon can be also used with the Painting Lulu coloring app for Android, Apple and Amazon devices.
     With your QR reader, you can scan the QR code located on the front which will launch the Painting Lulu game. 
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Carol Nine
01/18/2015 8:21am

I think I would like one of these, since it has a rubber tip. It would be much easier to use because it is bigger than those tiny styluses, and it wouldn't scratch my screens.


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