Do you ever have one of those dreams in the middle of the night that you REALLY want to remember in the morning? Or do you always have the best ideas when you are in bed trying to sleep? Then you need this awesome little gadget! The Dream Essentials Nite Note is perfect for people like me who always have their moments of brilliance (or they remember what they need at the grocery) just as they are about to snooze. 

     The amazing new Nite Note is perfect for all those late night ideas that come to us just before we fall asleep. Use it to jot down important night time thoughts without disturbing your partner's rest. If you wake in the night with a creative flash or you don't want to forget that amazing dream you just had, just pull out the pen the pad will light up and quickly jot down whatever is on your mind. Just replace the pen and the light goes off. By jotting down your thoughts you free your mind so that it can relax and allows you to enjoy a good nights sleep. Each Nite Note comes a high quality notepad made from 100% recycled paper. This is the perfect gift for family, friends and loved ones. Spare Pens and Refill Pads are sold separately. Requires two AA batteries not included. The Nite Note is a perfect, contoured, hand-held memo pad that conveniently holds both pen and paper. Pad "lights up" when the pen is removed and "lights off" when the pen is replaced.
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Nancy Jachcik
01/08/2015 10:54am

It seems women's minds are always thinking even when it is bed time Love this light up feature with pen attached Very nice and useful

Marya Mann
01/13/2015 8:25pm

There are many times I could have used something like this. How awesome it's be to own!


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