My older children and I have been trying out this game, Drop Shot and it is a ton of fun! 
This is a cute interactive game that allows you to play with 2-4 players. I love this because my hubby and I can play with our older two children, or I can play with them one on one. It is great for ages six and up. 
     The game itself takes about twenty minutes to play, and set up is very easy. I love that there are not a lot of pieces to it. 

     Drop Shot is awesome because it is more of a game of chance than a game of strategy. So, the youngest player has just as much of a chance to win as the oldest player. 
Description from website:
Race to the top of the ramp on this Drop Shot game. Roll the die to reach the top first, but watch out for the Last Chance Drop that can knock you back down.
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01/12/2015 12:40am

I definitely think my family would enjoy playing this game. (The board reminds me of the Price is Right Plinko board)


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