Magpie Urban Designs is a unique shop that uses new and recycled clothing to inspire and create amazing, different styles. 
     I love the unique designs and the fact that the clothing is all upcycled in the great little shop. The owner works with her customers to make sure all of their needs are met and any special inquiry can be made. 
     I received a pair of adorable Magpie Urban pants similar to the ones shown on the left, and they are adorable. I love that they are completely custom for me. All of the designs in this shop all truly one of a kind, so you are buying something that only you will have. 

     Magpie Urban is awesome because they take clothes that would normally be discarded, and fashion them into beautiful clothing. There are a ton of designs to choose from, and you can always special request if you have something in mind you want made. 
     Click HERE to check out Magpie Urban's site! You can also visit them on Facebook HERE
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Rachel Jarm
01/19/2015 6:40pm

These look really cool

Karen Jaras
01/19/2015 6:51pm

How clever and creative.

01/20/2015 11:04am

They look so cool!

Megan Scharlau
01/20/2015 11:31am

This is so unique! I'm glad that this might catch on and find a good use for old clothes

01/25/2015 10:04am

i love this look

01/26/2015 6:31am

Wow some really great things on the website! Love it!

Fiona N
02/01/2015 10:13am

Wow! It looks super unique! I love customized and recycled products :)
Thank You for Your review!

Katherine Riley
02/01/2015 5:37pm

I love the black and white mini skirt. Very cute clothes and it is fantastic they are recycling and reusing.

Marya Mann
02/04/2015 5:45pm

This looks really interesting but comfy. Thanks for the chance :)

02/05/2015 10:22pm

Those have my name all over them!! :)

02/06/2015 5:23pm

OMG I love these!


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