With my three children, I have always relied on the MAM brand to comfort my babies. MAM products are simple to use and make parenting easier. 
     For me, selecting a bottle was one of the toughest mom decisions. Because I both breast and bottle fed, it is a super important choice. Babies who use  MAM Anti-Colic bottles are scientifically proven to have 80 % less colic.

The patented vented base ensures even milk flow. This prevents babies from swallowing air which may cause gas, colic, or burps. If you are also a breastfeeding mom, you will appreciate that the ultra-soft  silicone nipple feels soft and familiar like your body. Your child will not have an issue switching back and forth between bottle and breast. This bottle comes in 5oz. and 9 oz. slow flow. I love that it also features self sterilizing in the microwave. 
     To learn more about these amazing bottles, visit MAM's site here. They also have a wide assortment of other products shown here. If you would like to win a MAM Anti-Colic Bottle Double Pack, go to my Giveaway page to get your entry in! 
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Fiona N
02/01/2015 9:42am

I have some Mam pacifiers and I love them, but I have not tried their Anti-Colic Bottles yet. I think I would try them soon because as You said they can self sterilize in the microwave. Awesome!
Thank You for the informative review!


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