I am vertically challenged. Not just a little bit. To the point that when I need things on a high shelf, I have to call for the teenager or grab a chair to climb on (which breaks house rules). I was super excited to try out the Reach It Grab It from Calibre Products Ltd. I can now get items down from the high shelf without yelling for my kiddo to assist me.      This grabber improves quality of life for people who find bending and reaching a strain.  It is lightweight yet accurate enough to pick up a coin. 

     This is a great product, for both the old and young. It has a  strong grip with and non-slip jaws. The reliable smooth mechanism are made from high quality precision components. 
     To order your Reach It Grab It, Click the Amazon link below! 
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abedabun dawn
01/27/2015 3:08am

I remember my grandpa using one of these.... Now, I am getting to the age where I sometimes need one. I remember him cleverly changing a light bulb with his. Though I do not know how safe that was lol

Deborah Caudill
01/30/2015 6:29pm

This is exactly what I need. I have been confined to a wheelchair for 6 months and its so hard to reach anything. They used these in physical therapy and it really helped. I broke my right leg in 7 places and had to have a surgical repair. After being in the hospital for a month, I went home and fell again and broke my right hip. I had to have a replacement, so my leg is metal. I can only bend 90 degrees for 3 months, so the physical therapist even taught us to use the reachers to put on our socks. I am getting one right now. I still have to have a knee replacement on the same leg. Thanks.


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