Last month, I won a one year subscription to the Surviving Momhood Subscription Box Service. As a mom, I don't spend a lot of money on items for me. So, winning this giveaway was completely awesome. 
      The Surviving Momhood boxes are only one version of the subscription boxes available. There are also kid subscription boxes, one time only boxes, and other great gift giving items. By the way, these are awesome for your wife for Valentine's day!! It is a cute way to pamper her each month! Check out all of the subscription services HERE in the Surviving Momhood store. 

     So, what is in a typical Surviving Momhood mommy box? Each box is personalized for the particular person it is being sent to. For instance, I dislike chocolate, coffee, and super smelly perfume. I don't do jewlery and I am not very girly.  We are always on the go, and I am pretty easy to please. There aren't many things I don't like.
     My box arrived yesterday, and the video below was the official unboxing. My little girl helped me out, and was super excited to see what was in it. 
     When we first opened the box, the first thing we found was the Surviving Momhood newsletter. It is nicely done and describes the theme of January's box. It also includes a recipe of the month and a few other tidbits. Also included in the box and their retail values:
     Gold's Gym 9' Jump Rope $2.99 (plus shipping) 
     Gold's Gym Therapeutic Hand Kit $8.77 (plus shipping) 
     Spa Comforts Water Bottle $7.49 (plus shipping)
     Play Day Jump Rope $1.77 I found this particular model at my local Walmart
     Gold's Gym 6' Stretch Band $6.99 (plus shipping) 
     Quick Start Yoga DVD $7.62 (plus shipping) 
     Tritan Sports Bottle w/Infuser $6.00 (plus shipping) 
     Don't Go Nuts Blueberry Blast Bar $1.68 (plus shipping)
     LUNA Chocolate Dipped Coconut Bar .99 (plus shipping) 
     The total value of the items was $44.30. To purchase the Surviving Momhood box is $30, or for a nine month subscription is $200. I love that there was a child's item to get kids involved too. As with any subscription box, you take the chance that you may have particular items already, which I had a few. I am super excited to see what will be in the February Surviving Momhood box! 
     If you are interested in subscribing to this box, go HERE to personalize your box now! Please let Surviving Momhood know that I referred you! 
The author has received nothing in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.


Katherine Riley
01/26/2015 10:29am

I love subscription boxes. Looks like you got some nice items in this one.

02/02/2015 5:54pm

This looks so cool. I really need a box that is just for me!

05/28/2015 9:52pm

In February I payed for a 3 month subscription. In April I was told she was closing down but I would still get my March box. My box never came. I've sent numerous emails and requests to have my 3 month subscription refunded and she will not respond! It's so wrong to take my money and run!


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