Our family loves to bike. We also try to find the simplest way to do things while we are out and about. Since we are toting along three kids, we don't want to carry more items than we need to. This 10 in 1 Bike Wrench is the perfect tool for us! We carry it everywhere, not just biking. It is perfect for hiking, camping, and more! 
     This 10-in-1 tool is amazing. It is super high quality and durable, so it isn't going to break or bend after a few uses! I love that it eliminates the need for multiple tools. 

     This 10 in 1 tool is made from #45 galvanized steel and has a galvanized surface treatment. I love that this simple little tool fits right in your pocket or in your knapsack when camping! It has eliminated the need for so many extra tools that we used to carry on our trips. It is specially designed to remove and install screws. Both I and my teen son use this, so it works well for older children, but it is not a toy. 
     To order your 10 in 1 tool, click the Amazon link below! 
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