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     We cook at home for almost every meal. Many times, my hubby and I also get to enjoy lunch together alone during the day. We are always looking for a quick, satisfying meal that is easy to prepare. Bear Creek County Kitchens is perfect for us! It allows us to make super yummy soup in no time at all, but it is hearty and delicious! My hubby and I love the taste, and in the cold weather, nothing beats warm soup! Bear Creek Soups are full of great flavor and filling. We also add our own toppings, like cheese and chicken. It is super easy to do, and each soup is a meal in itself! 

     I love Bear Creek Soups because they are simple to prepare. After adding water, they are ready in less time than it takes to wait for food to be delivered! I think it tastes so much better than greasy take out too! I prefer the homemade taste of the Bear Creek Soups, and when we make them, they are always piping hot. 
     Bear Creek Soups take a few moments to prepare and you can add your own ingredients to have them suit your taste. These soups are perfect for adults and children, they are also perfect for home or on the go! I pack Bear Creek Soups in my kiddo's lunchboxes daily. When I use an insulated container, they get to have these yummy soups during the day at school! They love having something hot and yummy midday straight from home! 
     If you haven't tried Bear Creek Soups yet, you have to try them out! We love them, and I am confident that you will too! 
This post was sponsored by Bear Creek Soups. All opinions are my own. 


Heather Breyer
02/27/2015 6:18am

I love their cheddar and brocolli soup, quick and easy supper!!

11/10/2015 5:33am

Great to read, that you could reopen your kitchen. I sometimes read the blog and hope you will enjoy your work there as much as you did in the past.

11/26/2016 12:19am

I also really like bear creek soup, because it's very yummy and delicious, and often i like to made this soup at home.


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