In our home, we have a huge problem with opening cereal the wrong way. Do you know what I mean? The bag just won't open, and before you know it, the bag is ripped the entire way down the side and you have Rice Krispies spilling on the countertop. This is why I love the Biokips Cereal Containers. These easy to use, airtight containers store my food without hassle. So, no more stale cereal! 

     These containers are fantastic for in the pantry or for on the go. Our family loves them for when we are camping because nothing spills once locked inside. Because of the airtight seal, you can even hold liquid in these. The best part is that they are still very easy to open. 
     These are the best cereal containers I have ever used, to date. To purchase yours, click the Amazon link below!                                                                                                                                                                                                          
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