What do you do when your little one has a fever? You feel helpless, right? I know I do, but I have found a way to make them feel better, fast! 
     The Cool n Gel Cap is both a warm pack and cold pack for kids! It has little inserts that you pop into the cap that can either cool your child down (if they have a fever) or help them warm up (if they have an ear ache). The caps are a soft cotton, so they are able to be worn while a tot is sleeping. 

     These adorable caps come in either a bunny or a dog character. Personally, I got to review a dog, which my son adores. I think this cap is absolutely amazing. Last week, he has a terrible fever with teething. We used the cap, and he went right to bed. My son loves the cap because it is an animal character, so he loves wearing it. This is so much easier than trying to get him to use a water bottle or a freezer pack. I also love the size of the inserts. They are not too large, and they are not weighting down the cap. It does not make it too hard for my child to sleep. 
     Since I also have two other older children, the little cold/warm packs are good for them also. They do not use the cap, but they use the packs for bruises, bumps and such. 
     This is such a creative idea! Every parent must have this in their home. Your child will thank you, and your will thank Cool n Gel Caps when your kiddo is sick! Look below at my little guy using it in our video review! 
     Be sure to go order your Cool n Gel Cap with the Amazon link below! 
Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's.



Jaime Stroud
02/06/2015 6:34pm

These are so neat and cute!!


I really love your site and i really appreciate the work and effort you put into it, not many would do that, you are great in that way, there are errors here and nothing is fake, its all to the point and reality so thanks, it's not easy to find genuine sites these days!


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