I LOVE to do my nails! Especially with my little girl! It is a ton of fun, and a great bonding time for us. Jamberry is our current method that we have been using, and it is a ton of fun! 
     Jamberry are wraps that you apply to your nails. The great thing is, they last for up to two weeks! You can choose to take them off sooner, if you want, but these wraps last forever! I am incredibly hard on my nails, so I always found my polish chipping after a day or two. Jamberry has eliminated that problem completely for me. I also love that you can use them on your fingers or your toes! 

     I reviewed a Jamberry kit that allowed my daughter and I to try out everything you need to apply the wraps. You can check out our video below. We had a great time doing our nails! 
     Jamberry has such an amazing selection that it is hard to choose just one set of wraps. So, they always have the buy 3 get 1 free sale going on. This is a great package that allows you to get four packs of wraps for the cost of three! Now, if you aren't sure ifJamberry is for you, grab a buddy and share the cost of the four wrap sets! You each get two, and it is half the investment! 
     In the video below you will see us using the Jamberry heater and other Jamberry products. Although these work amazing for application, they are not totally necessary! You can use a hair dryer to warm your wraps for the application process! 
     I am having a Jamberry party, so be sure to join in! You don't want to miss this opportunity to get your nails styled by Jamberry! Join my party HERE. If you would like to request your own sample of nails, click here! So, you can try before you buy!                                                                                                                                                       


Alysia Gonzales
02/18/2015 4:59pm

I am absolutely obsessed with these! I can't believe how much longer they last than nail polish!


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