Do you have troubles with knotty or tangled hair? My daughter had constant issues with knots in her hair, until we tried these brushes from Beauty Junkees. This two pack of Detangler Brushes is an incredible value- and eliminates the headaches of trying to comb through a headful of knots. 
     Brushing my daughters long, wavy hair was always a nightmare. We could find nothing that would work. These brushes are PERFECT! They rid her hair of all the knots and leave here hair looking amazing! 

     These brushes are amazing because you can use them on wet or dry hair. I love that they come in a two pack, so you have a full size one for at home and then a small one for on the go. The smaller version fits perfect in a purse or backpack. 
     These Detangler Brushes are great for right after your shower. No more tangles! They have worked amazing in our home, and they will work wonders in yours too! The important thing to remember is that you should start with the ends of your hair first, then work your way up to the root. 
     To order your Detangling Brushes from Beauty Junkees, click the Amazon link below! 
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judy maharrey
02/22/2015 7:57pm

I live this brush! I have thick, wavy hair and from childhood have hated brushing my hair! I need one of these. Thanks

07/27/2016 12:37pm

This is amazing to know that there is something for my thick, wavy hair. Thank you for sharing this with us. Availability of Beauty Junkees brush in two different sizes is also an amazing offer. These are perfect for me.


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