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     A few weeks ago, my older two kids were sick. I took them to the pediatrician's office for a visit and youngest child had to tag along. The older two are 15 and 10, and the little guy is two. Before the visit, the baby was the only one who was feeling okay, after the visit he ended up incredibly ill.  
     At our doctor's office, they have toys that all the sick kids play with, as they do in most offices. These toys are a cesspool of germs, but try telling a two year old they cannot play with a dump truck filled with blocks. I caved, and he ended up with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. It was one of the worst experiences of his little life. Now, I have found out about the incredible app Doctor on Demand, and I wish I would have had it then. I never would have had to take my sick kids out in the cold weather, my littlest guy never would have got sick, and it is a million times more convenient! 

     So, what is Doctor on Demand? It is this convienient little app. You can access it on your phone, tablet or computer. The really great thing is, you are talking to an actual doctor. You won't be talking to a nurse, or sitting in a waiting room, you are speaking to a doctor right from the start. 
     I actually got the chance to try the process out, and I am so excited about Doctor In Demand. Honestly, unless it is a necessity, I will not be going back to the doctor's office again. When you first sign in, you input all of your info and this takes about ten minutes. Then, you make an appointment time. I made mine for a half hour later. It was for ankle pain my little girl was having. 
     The process was super simple, I had to leave the app open on my phone when it was time for the appointment. When the doctor was ready to connect, the phone prompted me and asked if I was okay to do so. I then proceeded to explain the issue. 
     The Doctor on Demand app is a lifesaver. It is an incredible app that allows the doctor to diagnose (with some restriction), prescribe non-controlled medications, and eliminate patient's concerns without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. A normal visit costs $50 when using the Doctor on Demand app, however you can get your first visit free, by using the code parenting15
     This is a must have for any parent- first time or experienced! It is also great for adults who have a hard time fitting a doctor's visit into their schedule. The doctors can diagnose many different ailments, but they are limited to what they can see on camera. So, if you have an ear infection, they cannot see into your ear. If you are having psychological issues, they can consult you. If you are having ankle troubles, like my daughter, it is a fantastic service! 
     Try it out with the code parenting15 for absolutely FREE! You will be so surprised how helpful this service is! Be sure to visit the Doctor on Demand site HERE to learn more. 
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02/09/2015 8:33pm

Wow what a great service. Right now we have very limited doctors in our rural town this would really come in handy!

Tina Schultz
02/09/2015 8:37pm

Wow! Who even knew they could come with an app like that, but it may be interesting for the free 15 days! Thanks!

09/07/2017 5:02am

You just need to search for less expensive one but you also need to discover the kind of and services information they offer before you go to their spa.


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