I am sure everyone has come across these style bracelets in mass retailers. Anywhere you shop, you can find cheap, woven paracord bracelets. Our family loves these sorts of bracelets, but the quality just is not present in the ones that you find mass produced. I was searching on Etsy and came across Epicords. 

    Epicords are like no other paracord bracelet you will find. Each bracelet is handmade to your specifications, using either military grade (MIL-C-5040H TYPE III) or commercial grade (TYPE III 550 SURVIVAL CORD) cord. These are high quality, durable creations. 
     This company is absolutely amazing. they allow their customers. All Epicords Paracord Creations are made from paracord that is manufactured in the U.S. by a certified contractor to the U.S. DoD. Epicords produces a quality product, but does not sacrifice the function or the looks! 
     Epicords are available in a variety of colors and creations. They have also created a EPICORDS AWARENESS LINE. A line of custom paracord creations that help benefit Epilepsy research. A portion of ALL sales from this line will be donated to the Epilepsy Foundation. This amazing line was the idea of the founder because his child was diagnosed with Epilepsy. The Loom Band listing is her special project and half of all of those sales get donated.
     I had the opportunity to review the Ultimate Survival Bracelet. Since we are a super outdoors family, this was perfect for us! I actually had it made for my hubby, and he loved it. The Ultimate is part of the Epicords Survival Line.  It has been created with 550 cord that is made by a certified government contractor for our Armed Services. It is 100% true Military grade. This bracelet is made from Mil-C-5040H Type III military grade paracord. 
There is approx. 1 foot of fire starting tinder woven into the bracelet.
There is 15ft of 30lb test braided fishing line woven into the bracelet.
There are 2 #10 hooks woven into the bracelet.
There are 3 split shot weights woven into the bracelet.
There is a fire steel rod and scraper plate built in to the buckle.
The buckle is also a safety whistle.
When you look at this bracelet, you have absolutely no idea that all of these items are woven into the bracelet. It is truly amazing! These are a must have for any avid outdoors person, or someone who loves unique ideas. 
     For ordering, you can customize two colors for your bracelet, and you also choose size. This is not some mass produced bracelet you grab off the rack. This bracelet will be handmade for you! 
     Take a moment, and visit Epicords HERE to see their entire line! Also, be sure to go to my Giveaway page to win your own! 
Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's.



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