With winter here, we are always looking for fun indoor activities to do. 
     Imaginative "U" kits vary from month to month. Some months focus on arts and crafts while other months focus on investigations, stories, or challenges.  Some kits will include a book that goes along with the month's activities while others will simply be loaded with items needed to complete the projects. No matter the contents, every month's activities are centered around fun and creativity!

     Kits are divided by age so that children ages 4 and 5 receive a slightly different kit than those ages 6 -10  Some of the activities in each months' kits are similar between the age groups but have different components and instructions. 
 Warning!!! Some of the kits contain the perfect ingredients for a mess (such as paint and glue) so be prepared with a set of older clothes for the kiddos!  
     The contents of the kits vary from month to month and are determined by the activities that are planned for each topic. Everything needed to conduct the activities is included and the supplies are color-coded so parents know which items go with each instruction sheet
     Find out more info on these awesome kits HERE! Be sure to order!! 
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05/27/2017 6:41am

Thanks for sharing those amazing activity solutions for the kids that must be enjoyable and fun for all the kids. I was looking for some idea for my 6 year kid activity suggestion and here on your website I found thank you so much for the great help.


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