Since our family is not in the habit of eating fast food or dining out, we tend to take food on the go a lot. We have tried many different lunch carriers, but have never come across one as well designed as the Komax Biokips Lunch Box. These boxes are completely air and water tight, so anything you put in isn't getting out! 

     The Komax Biokips Lunch Boxes are designed with three removable dividers. This is wonderful because you can pack a sandwich, and two other side items without them getting all over each other. If you would rather pack a soup or salad, the dividers are removable, so you have one large container. 
     These are great for lunchtime at school, snack time at the park, or hiking. We use ours constantly. I love to pack three different snacks in ours so everyone in our family can choose what they like, and the foods never touch! 
     These lunch boxes, and all Biokips products are BPA free, so you can feel great about using them. I love ours and I know you will too! Make sure to use the Amazon link below to purchase yours! 
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Taryn Tener
02/26/2015 1:43pm

I pack my lunch every day, and as a teacher, need something quick and easy to pack. I love that the dividers are removable! I love that flexibility.


I agree with you today people are like to eat fast food and they are less consumers of the vegetables and homemade food. The fast food have really bad effect on human health and make your fat. Thank you for the wonderful reviews about the lunch box for the kids these are really informative.


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