We try to keep our home completely natural and organic. For me, one of my challenges is trying to find all natural health and beauty products that I love. 
     Made From Earth is a great company that features all sorts of products to keep you looking your best, naturally! Not only are they high quality, but they are affordable. 

     I had the opportunity to try out two products from Made From Earth. First was the Lady Soma Skin & Nail Treatment. If you have dry skin, this is the perfect treatment for your hands. Especially with winter weather here, my hands are always chapped. The Lady Soma Skin & Nail Treatment has worked miracles for me! It promotes healthy nails, skin and cuticles. I saw a huge difference in only a few applications. Although this is for your skin and nails, it is also wonderful for healing scars and stretch marks. After three kiddos, Lady Soma is a lifesaver with the stretchmarks! 
     I also have been using the Aloe & Loloba Creme Therapy. This is also for dry skin, but it is for all over body use. Are you like me, and get rough patches on your arms and legs? Then this is the skin saving therapy you need! The highly concentrated amounts of Aloe Vera and Rooibos Tea leaves leave your skin soft and supple. I love this creme because it does not leave my skin greasy or oily. Instead, it is quickly absorbed and my skin feels amazing. 
     Check out Made From Earth's entire line, HERE on their site. Also, be sure to check them out on Facebook, youtube, and twitter
Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's.



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