Before I did this review, our microwave was always a mess. Food was constantly splattering everywhere! Not anymore! With the Ramini Brand Microwave Plate Cover, your microwave can be as clean as mine! 
     It is totally simple to use, you just put it over any bowl or plate and pop it into the microwave. It stops all the splatters from happening! 

     This cover is perfectly sized, and will fit on most of your dishes. It is also super convenient for easy storage! The cover also has steam release holes which are super helpful! This will fit into any standard size microwave, so it is perfect for most households. The really awesome part is that it doubles as a plate cover! So, it is a multi-purpose tool! 
     Click below to order yours from Amazon now !
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Sarah L
02/10/2015 7:01pm

A great invention. I could use one like this.


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