I have a ten year old daughter and we love to spend time doing our nails. It is a lot of fun and we get to spend quality time together. My little guy loves nail time too! The issue is, being a toddler, he still loves to not sit still and put his hands in his mouth! I also hate putting any sort of chemicals near such a tiny kiddo. I have found an amazing product that allows me to spend nail time with my little guy also. Play Love Laugh is an incredible all natural nail polish made from fruits and vegetables! 

     You know how most nail polishes has that harsh smell, and you don't want it near your kids? Play Love Laugh has absolutely no scent! I am totally comfortable letting my two year old join in on nail time now! 
     Play Love Laugh is an all natural, peel off polish. So no nail polish remover needed! Although it is made with fruits and veggies, it isn't to be eaten. There is no top or bottom coat needed, and it is safe for children and animals. All you have to do is shake well, apply two coats, and dry! Super easy! 
     There are twelve different colors to choose from, even glitter polishes! Go HERE to check them out! 
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