As a mother of three, the piles of laundry are endless...so are the messes. Purex helps me lighten the load. The new Purex PowerShot takes the guess work out of doing the laundry. Instead of trying to measure liquid detergent, Purex PowerShot does it all for you! 
     This super concentrated detergent is all ready to go. The bottle automatically dispenses the correct amount as you need it! 
     The part that I especially love is that Purex PowerShot fights stains. With three kiddos, this is especially important in our home. 

     In each drop, there is 50% more stain fighting power than regular detergent. If your home is anything like mine, you will love Purex PowerShot. It is also available in two great smelling scents: Mountain Breeze and Linen & Lilies. We love the fresh scent of Mountain Breeze. It keeps all of our clothes smelling clean and crisp. 
     The next time you are at the store, you have to try out Purex PowerShot! Take the guesswork out of laundry time! No more messy caps and soap spills. Go check out the Purex site here, to learn more about it too! Make sure to Like and follow Purex on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@Purex)! 
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John Herman
02/09/2015 11:21pm

Cool - Auto-filled -I would like to have this!

02/11/2015 2:42pm

We waste so much money by over-pouring, so this could be a huge money saver for us.

03/12/2015 5:25pm

This would eliminate a lot of laundry soap waste. Great invention


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