If you are looking for high quality, crystal items for an affordable price, you must shop at Ravenscroft. Their items are absolutely beautiful, and add a touch of beauty to your home. 
     These elegant items are available on Amazon, and I was given the opportunity to review the Ravenscroft Pinnacle Decanter. My husband and I appreciate good wine, so this is the perfect deanter for us. When we entertain, it is perfect addition to our parties. 
     Ravenscroft Crystal is unique and beautiful. The pieces are absolutely gorgeous when you look at them, and they add glamour to any event you are having, or even a quiet night at home. 

     I love our Pinnacle Decanter. It is much heavier than I had anticipated. The quality is astounding. The crystal is completely lead free, and is very thick. It is a piece that I am thrilled to add to my collection. 
     To purchase the Pinnacle Decanter, or any other piece from the Ravenscroft collection, click the Amazon link below! 
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06/13/2016 10:48am

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10/26/2016 8:33pm

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