We were beyond excited to try out the new Reese's Spread from Influenster! This peanut butter and chocolate spread makes everything delicious! Since we are a huge peanut butter family, the Reese's spread was right up our snack alley! 

     Reese's Spread can be paired with all of your favorite snacks: crackers, cookies, celery, and more! It makes a great lunch box addition, late night snack, or even a quick bite after a workout. I personally love it for breakfast on celery. It gives me the sweet that I crave, but I am also getting the veggies that I want. 
     So, what flavors are there? Reese's Spreads are available in Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Hershey's Chocolate, Hershey's Chocolate with Hazelnut, and Hershey's Chocolate with Almonds. All of them are delicious! 
     What are you waiting for? Get to the grocery now and pick yours up today! You can also check them out online here
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02/03/2015 6:06pm

looks yummy

02/04/2015 1:40am

I absolutely love this new spread! I also received a Reese's Influenster Voxbox and I am so glad I did! I totally would have never tried it had I not got the box and now my whole family is hooked on it! It is absolutely yummy spread on some graham crackers(think Girl Scout's Peanut Butter Patties)! While this is definitely not the healthiest snack option it is perfect for that occasional super sweet and delicious "cheat" snack!

02/04/2015 3:40am

I love peanut butter so will definitely try this!

Mallory Brasher
02/04/2015 7:25am

I keep seeing this at the store! I'll have to pick it up next time!

02/04/2015 1:45pm

Oh Reese's my favorite!

02/04/2015 2:38pm

Yummy I have not tried this yet but I am planning to.

Marya Mann
02/04/2015 5:37pm

I got this too and it was delicious, we bought more haha


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