I love to play outside with my children, it is our favorite past time! However, being in the sun can be dangerous if you don't have the correct sunscreen. 
     This Sun n Fun Sunscreen is wonderful for my kiddos. I only use a high SPF on the little guy, and a lower for the older children and us. We never leave home without it! Even in the winter, the sun's rays can cause significant skin damage that can cause awful damage later in life! 

     I love Sun n Fun because it is not greasy, and it is super easy to apply! It is  chemical free, non toxic, not greasy, no white cast, and has a EWG Rating 1. I love that all the ingredients are natural and organic. It has 20% Zinc in it. The best part of Sun n Fun, is it smells great, and children love it! Contains fresh and inviting (natural) scent of marshmallow & chocolate, that kids love. The 30SPF can be used by both children and adults. If you have fairer skin, you may want to use the higher SPF. 
     Click below to purchase your Sun n Fun Sunscreen now! 
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laura rubenstein
02/10/2015 9:54am

This sounds like a great product. Finding good sunscreen is so hard to do.

02/11/2015 9:11pm

This sounds like a great sunscreen, I'd love to try it, the marshmallow and chocolate scent sounds amazing. It's great that the EWG rating is 1, thank you for sharing this review.


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