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     As a huge DIY lover, I am always looking for ways to make my projects even better. Zazzle has an incredible custom fabric shop that allows you to actually customize your fabric! So, you can make any sort of curtains, bedding, lamps. throws, that you wish. You will never be limited by the designs in the fabric shop again! If you can think of it, Zazzle can make it! 

Shop Custom Fabric on Zazzle
     Zazzle's fabrics are available in  cotton, linen or polyester. You can use them for a DIY project, reupholstering your furniture, or creating your own apparel. All the designs you find on Zazzle are available on any of their seven fabrics including quilting, upholstery, and drapery fabric. Fabric can also be purchased by the yard on the Zazzle site! 
     Zazzle has a huge selection of fabrics for you to choose from. There are prints in ever color and style that you can imagine. If for some reason you don't find something that you absolutely love, Zazzle allows you to create your own custom fabric to make sure your projects carry your own style. Finding the perfect fabric just got so much easier, thanks to Zazzle! 
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