Every once in a while, my favorite drink to sit back and relax with is a great Bloody Mary. This mix is perfect because it is hot and spicy, but also all natural. I was super impressed with the high intensity flavor of this mix. It is amazing in your drink. However, you have to like that spice that this addition will bring. 

     This mix is made with habanero peppers and absolutely no fillers! So, when you are using it, you can feel great! 
     To purchase yours, click the Amazon link below! 
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Marilyn Nawara
03/17/2015 5:45pm

Bloody Mary's are one of my favorite drinks. It's really hard to find a good mixer -- going to give this one a try.

Donna Pyszk
03/18/2015 7:46am

It's something that not everyone likes but I like a good Bloody Mary every once in a blue moon :D


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