I love to have access to completely pure, filtered water any time I want it. I also want to feel good about what my children are drinking. This Blu Pure Eco Friendly Countertop Filter gets rid of the contaminants that pollute normal drinking water. By filtering the water, it is making it odor free and more pleasant to drink. 

     Chlorine, lead, mercury, fluoride, chloramine, bacteria, sulfide, and radiation are typically found in the tap water you drink. This easy to install filter will take all of those contaminants out. BluPure comes with a filter already installed, so you can start drinking healthier immediately. The filter takes your water through a 13 stage process, so after filtration, it is completely purified. 
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Emily Endrizzi
03/28/2015 10:30pm

I love drinking water, but I don't like tap water because of the possible impurities and I don't like bottled water because of the waste and the cost. I would love to have this countertop water filter so that I could drink fresh, clean water!

03/29/2015 11:51am

This looks awesome! We drink a lot of water in our house, so this would be great.

Katherine Riley
03/29/2015 12:35pm

I have city water and all I can taste is the chlorine. Hopefully, something like this would be helpful.

Melinda Stephens
03/29/2015 5:35pm

This actually looks like a better option than the filter I use. This looks smaller, which is better for my tiny kitchen.

Michelle Tucker
03/29/2015 6:38pm

Always wanted to have a countertop filter. Tried the pitcher filters, and just don't like them as much. Thanks for this review!


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