One thing that every mom needs is a great changing pad! With a baby it is an absolute necessity. The Lil Rhino Travel Diaper Changing Station is the answer to diapering on-the-go. 
     Most of the time, I carry along my diaper bag. However there are some times I prefer to not have anything at all. This is why the Lil Rhino Travel Diaper Changing Station is so awesome. It has everything I need for my little one, all in one compact package. 

     I personally love the looks of the Lil Rhino Travel Diaper Changing Station. It is perfect for either a boy or a girl and all mommies are going to love the design. I love that it is not only a changing pad, but it also features everything you need to make it a mommy wallet of sorts. The strap makes it a great little clutch that mom can carry, instead of a bulky diaper bag. The other feature I am in love with is that I can toss in my keys and credit cards! I have never had anything like this before that was for mommy and baby. It is super convienient. The one downfall, in my eyes is the elastic is a bit loose for my liking. 
     I think it is an amazing concept that eliminates the need for so many bulky baby items. This is wonderful a quick trip to the grocery, going to the park, or just a walk around the block. The changing pad itself is super thick and durable. 
     To purchase this item, click the Amazon link below! 
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03/21/2015 5:13pm

Love the Chevron Pattern on the changing pad - this would be easy for a grandmother to carry on the go with her grandsons.


Really unique and different idea you share. I would surely buy this one changing pad for my little princes. As I have also face sometime problems when I have to travel around with her. so this pad is helpful I think. Thanks you are the life savior and always bring such amazing things.


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