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     Many of the world's most successful people have one thing in common: they set aside a portion of their day and dedicate it to meditation. Meditation is a way for anyone to escape the craziness of the world, if only for a short time. Many people believe that meditation takes years of practice, or that it is something only hippies may partake in. The truth is, it is one of the most peaceful exercises you could ever try, and with OMG Meditate you will only be using ten minutes of your day! 

     As a mommy, I am always on the go. I feel like I am constantly running, moving, working, and doing something. It never ceases until I crawl into bed at night, and even then, my brain will not turn off. We all live this sort of life. Always needing to rush to the next thing or place, rushing to the next event, trying to seal the next deal. For most of us there is one thing we have with us every step along the way. In today's society, cell phones, computers, and tablets are attached to us at every moment. So, the makers of OMG Meditate have used these sources to teach us meditation with an app. 
     OMG Meditate is an app that is incredibly user friendly and can help you release your stress, concentrate more effectively, sleep better than you ever have in a matter of ten minutes a day. The interesting part about meditation is that even though it is typically thought of as an "Eastern" belief based on nothing more than wishful thinking, there is actually plenty of scientific proof to show the benefits. 
      In the time I have been using it, I have never felt better. I sleep like a baby, and I am awake earlier than I ever was before. I feel well rested, alert, and ready to go. Around lunch I would typically fade, but not anymore. I feel amazing. The other difference I have noticed is I am much more patient. Prior to using this meditation app, I felt much more anxious and on edge. I am centered and peaceful, even at the end of the day. 
     By setting aside ten minutes each day, I have made myself into a better mom and person. I feel a million times more confident and fulfilled. Because OMG Meditate is an app and a website, I can access it anywhere. It is quite possibly the easiest part of my day. Now I look forward to that "me" time! Check them out on their site here 
This is a sponsored post written by me, on behalf of OMG Meditate. 


Jennifer Shelton
03/24/2015 3:43pm

Maybe I should try something like this! Anything to take some of my stresses away :)


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