This money belt is made with extra-strong, lightweight, water-resistant nylon ripstop. The flat buckle, thin construction and neutral color means no one can see the bulge under your shirt. On the skin-facing side you will find a soft, breathable, itch-free mesh panel. Two zippered pockets made with metal zippers plus an internal credit card slot allow for easy organization of your Passport, cash, tickets and credit cards.

      A modern money belt is a required accessory for anyone travelling overseas. No matter how careful you are it is just too easy for pickpockets to steal your wallet or purse in crowded areas. Don't learn the hard way!  Sophisticated criminals are now using RFID scanning equipment to capture sensitive personal data from your Passport or credit card chips. Our high-tech cloth blend has RFID shielding technology woven into the cloth to make sure your identity stays safe.  As a special bonus to our valued customers we have included two premium luggage straps. While some people might think they don't need luggage straps we suggest you give them a try. These unique colorful straps measure (180 x 6 cm) and are designed to fit any standard suitcase. They allow you to easily pick out your suitcase and never worry about someone else accidentally taking your precious suit case.
     To purchase yours, click the amazon link below! 
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Jeni Young
03/22/2015 3:42pm

Taken it back to 89'!

03/25/2015 7:35am

I never seen a money belt like this it's neat

Sandra Watts
03/22/2015 5:42pm

That would be good for theme parks or fairs.

laura rubenstein
03/23/2015 11:48am


Jerrica Evans
03/23/2015 8:19pm

These are great when you go to a park or where you'll be doing a lot of walking.

04/19/2016 3:07am

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09/29/2016 3:47am

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