We cook at home a lot, so our knives are our tools in the kitchen. I had the ability to try out this fantastic set from Nano Razor, and it is a lifesaver. The only negative part of the set is that the peeler is not made for a left handed person. So, if you are a lefty, this is a huge drawback. To rectify this situation, I popped out the blade, switched it around and it was perfect! 

     This set is super sharp and great for all of your kitchen needs. The knife is high quality and I use it for mostly everything. The best part is, the knife will stay sharp for years. It is durable, sturdy, and will not dull like other knives. The handles on both utensils are perfect for easy handling. They are curved and ergonomic in design, so your hand will not tire while peeling countless potatoes. 
     To purchase yours, click the Amazon link below! 
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03/12/2015 10:09pm

That looks really nice! Thanks for sharing!

03/16/2015 1:07am

Would love to try these.


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