Do your kids love screentime, but you want to make it more educational? Osmo is the answer! It is a great way to turn your IPad into a learning tool. Osmo is age appropriate for children and adults. It is a creative and fun tool that will have your family playing together for hours. We had the opportunity to try out Osmo in our home and the kids (and adults) loved it. The games are tricky enough to keep everyone thinking. 

     Osmo game system is unique because it gets you thinking creatively. The pack allows you to play four games: Masterpiece, Tangram, Newton, and Words. Each kit contains the tiles for the Words game, and the shapes for Tangrams. Also included is the Osmo reflector and stand. For the games Masterpiece and Newton, you use a pencil and paper from home! 
     These games are easy to setup and is great for everyone. All you do is download the App, attach the reflector to the top of the IPad, and set the IPad on the stand. You or your kiddo are ready to play! 
     Want to try Osmo in your home? You can purchase it here, on their website! Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook and twitter
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