OttLite is an incredible brand of lamp that we love in our home. It is perfect for everyday use and can be used in each room of your home. This great little folding task lamp, from OttLite it completely portable and makes lighting a breeze!

     TheOttLite Folding Task Lamp allows you to see everything clearer and brighter than you ever have before. The lamp allows you to have a precise balance of contrast and brightness unlike any other lighting you have used before. "The 13w Folding Task Lamp features a unique fold-up design with a handle for easy portability of the low heat, low glare illumination. Folding shade design features automatic on/off operation. With its small base footprint, this lamp fits easily on most desks and workstations." This cute little lamp is available in a variety of colors, so you are sure to find one that will fit your decor! 
     This and many other amazing OttLite products can be found on their website HERE. Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook and twitter!
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Alyssa Waters
03/03/2015 8:08pm

The lighting in our house is awful & when the sun goes down we could really use some extra light. I love the idea of a portable lamp so I can use that in each room instead of tons of plug in lamps. (babies & plugs don't go well together)

03/03/2015 8:35pm

That looks like a light I could use either by my bed or next to my pc here in the living room. Im usually up before everyone else and don't want to turn on the big lamp. This would be perfect. Thanks for posting your review.

Rachel Fuller
03/03/2015 9:05pm

This would be perfect for at my desk! And I really like the color and the fact it is portable. I would totally use this.

03/03/2015 9:19pm

I need one of these when I use my laptop in my living room where there isn't overhead lighting.

03/03/2015 11:04pm

This is so nifty and is handy! I would love one of these :)


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