As a girl, I am always trying to find the perfect hair dryer. This is amazing. The Allure Dryer combines an ultra-powerful 2200 W motor with a lightweight frame to create the perfect styling tool. Looking good is almost effortless with the included Concentrator Nozzle. This attachment directs maximized condensed air flow to the area you are targeting, adding precision and focus while controlling frizz and style outcome.

      Thanks to the latest ionic ceramic technology, you will get the job done 80% faster while increasing hair volume and without over-drying your hair. The proprietary technology behind Allure's efficiency helps to break up water quickly for reduced dry-time so you can spend your time enjoying the party, instead of getting ready for it! With this state of the art dryer, you will feel as if you just left the salon... every day! The Allure is designed to emit powerful negative ions to seal and smooth the hair's outer layer while helping to reduce frizz and increase shine for more natural looking, healthy and hydrated hair. Be fabulous - because you are.
     Click the Amazon link below to order yours now!                                                                                                                                                                                                      
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Soha Molina
03/10/2015 8:29pm

Always looking for a good hairdryer.

Aimee Trader
03/10/2015 9:57pm

Absolutely love that it is light weight!!

Linda Moffitt
03/10/2015 10:31pm

Thanks for the review I need a new one and I hate fixing my hair so anything that makes it quicker makes me happier Thanks 4 sharing :)

stacey trim
03/10/2015 10:35pm

Love It!!

Betty Lockhart
03/11/2015 6:59am

always looking for a light weight hair dryer

03/12/2015 10:12pm

Wow great review! Sounds like an awesome hair dryer!


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