This is a review program with Mums the Word Network and Recifoto. All opinions are my own. 

     We love to cook in our home, but our favorite part is trying out new recipes. You can run to any grocery store and buy a new cookbook but I have found an ingenious new app that is sort of like a recipe exchange program. 

     Our family has had a ton of fun with Recifoto. The way it works is by using your IPad or IPhone and using it in the kitchen as a camera. WIth it, you can share photos of your favorite or most beloved recipes with people all over the world. 

     This is a great way to learn about other peoples traditions and customs. While using Recifoto, we found interesting and delicious recipes that have become part of our regular rotation. 
     Recifoto is a free app that allows you to both like and comment on recipes. It is like social networking for culinary lovers! We personally use this amazing app to keep track of our family's favorite recipes. It feels wonderful to share them with friends and strangers. Recifoto allows you to follow other users who have similar interests as yours, so if there is someone that you notice has amazing recipes, be sure to add them! 
     I personally am awful at cutting recipes out of the newspaper and then losing track of them. With Recifoto, I will never again have that problem! I just snap a quick picture and I never even have to touch scissors. The app is incredibly easy to use, and even my kids love to browse it! We have a great time looking through and choosing a new, fun meal every few days. 
     Recifoto can be accessed on your IPad and IPhone. There are also in-app purchases available, but they are not necessary for use. 


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