Since we spend a lot of time in the car or at parks, we always look for creative ways to take snacks with us. Squeasy Snackers are awesome for taking either food or drinks on the go. The best part is Squeasy Snackers aren't only for kids, they are for adults too! They are super convenient and are dishwasher safe. Squeasy Snackers help our family save money. We refill these great little bottles with snacks and drinks instead of buying disposable ones. They also help us save the environment by helping us reduce the plastic we are using. Squeasy Snackers are our new favorite take along bottle! 

     These awesome little squeezable bottles are perfect for a multitude of snacks and beverages. They also come in three different sizes, so your toddler can use them, but you can too! Our family likes to pack applesauce, yogurt, and water in ours, but the options are endless. With Squeasy Snackers you get an easy to fill product. They have a super wide opening, so no messy drips! They are easy to use. You can choose whatever you want to fill them with: applesauce, fruit sauce, juice, water,smoothies and so much more. The great part about cleaning is that they can be turned inside out and popped inside the dishwasher. It is super easy. 
     I absolutely love them and so does my family. If you want to check out Squeasy Snackers, go to the Squeasy Gear site HERE. You can also follow them on Facebook and twitter
     If you would like to win your ownSqueasy Gear, go to my Giveaway page. One winner will win their own set of three Squeasy Snackers! 
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Kerri Mosher
03/11/2015 6:47pm

So want to try these!


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