I love unique items and I am always collecting them for my kids. When I came across this beautiful necklace from Sweet Blossom Gifts, I new I had to have it for my little girl. Not only is it hand stamped and unique, but it has special meaning to me. This is the first song that I sang to each of my children after they were born. 

     Sweet Blossom Gifts has a huge selection of amazing hand stamped jewelry that any woman will love. I adore how whimsical many of their pieces are. They are simple and delightful, rather than overstated. 
     Sweet Blossom Gifts does not only make necklaces. They have amazing hand stamped bracelets, rings and earrings. They also have creative family gifts and interesting items for every friend you can imagine. If you have a pet lover in your life, Sweet Blossom Gifts has a gift for them! With Mother's Day coming they have beautiful gifts for Mom! This Layered Necklace allows Mom to show off all of her most precious possessions! It is beautiful and affordable. 
     Check out Sweet Blossom Gifts HERE. Also be sure to follow them on Facebook and twitter
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03/20/2015 5:15pm


Rachel Jarm
03/21/2015 6:29pm

They have some really neat stuff

03/22/2015 9:02am

My Mother sang that to me and I sang it to my Son. It brings back such wonderful family memories~!

04/06/2015 1:51pm

I have really enjoyed looking over your blog. I will definitely visit often for parenting ideas. And this is a beautiful necklace.

12/08/2016 4:55am

Oh! That defines the reason that you are so much attracted towards this locket. Its hand stamp adds to its beauty and charm. I also love these cute accessories so I guess sweet blossom gifts would be a good shop to have a visit to buy something unique and interesting.


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