Our family loves being active, and the PlasmaCar allows us to do just that, and have a blast! ThePlasmaCar is made by PlaySmart toys and is perfect for adults as well as children. In our home, we have two of these awesome little cars, so we frequently have PlasmaCar races. 
     One of my favorite PlasmaCar features is that it is so easy to ride. My little two year old has no problems with it and glides all through our home. All you need to make them go is a smooth, flat surface and the fun begins!  

     PlasmaCars are not your typical ride on cars. They use no batteries, gas, or electricity. These little cars are only powered by arm power, you just tur the wheel back and forth! It is an awesome concept! 
     PlasmaCars are made for anyone up to 220lbs. so the whole family can get in on the fun. You can use them indoors or outdoors, but they are not recommended for wood floors. They may scratch the surface. 
     Check out my video review of this amazing product, and head over to PlasmartToys to see it on their site! You can purchase using the link below! 
Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's.



03/12/2015 9:27pm

Oh my my little girl would so love this:)

Charlotte Raynor
03/13/2015 1:52pm

That is so cute! I wish they had something like that when my son was young.

aimee trader
03/13/2015 9:33pm

These remind me of those little plastic things with the wheels on them they always brought out in gym class lol

Lisa Lancaster
03/14/2015 11:06am

My granddaughter would have a blast with this and her birthday is coming up so what a great gift

Alyssa waters
03/15/2015 5:40pm

We loved our Plasma Car! We are getting ready to buy a new one soon for the kids.


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