Everyone in our family uses a tablet, so it is very important to me that we get all the qualities we are looking for at  great price. The ValuePad VP112 is one of the best family tablets I have come across in a while. It has a ton of amazing features, but it is also available under $100. So, you aren't going to dent your budget. 

     I absolutely love the ValuePad tablet. When we make an electronics investment, I expect it to be worth every penny. The ValuePad is an amazing. It is extremely powerful, with its quad core processors. Another feature that I love are the dual cameras and the dual speakers. The large screen allows you to easily watch movies and browse the internet. It is a 10 inch screen that is awesome for all of your needs. 
      The ValuePad tablet also has Google Play pre installed, which is huge asset with impatient children. They typically want to play games as soon as the tablet comes out of the box. My favorite feature is the pre installed parental controls. Since I have two children who use the tablet, parental controls are a necessity. I need to be able to limit what I want them to view online. In our home, the children are not allowed to see certain content or play objectionable games. The ValuePad Parental Controls allows me to eliminate anything that I do not want my kiddos to see. 
     I love that this tablet is super slim and lightweight. It is great for on the go or at home. The battery gives you 4+ hours of use which is amazing! If you are in the market for a tablet, this is a must have, so click the Amazon link below to purchase. Also, be sure to check out my Giveaway page for your chance to win! 

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amy tolley
03/08/2015 9:09am

this is a great review my family is the same way either tablets or ipads im glad this has 4 plus hrs of battery ty for sharing

Megan M
03/08/2015 3:58pm

Wow! I've been looking for something both my daughter and I could use and this is perfect! Before reading this review I'd never heard of this tablet! Thanks for the information!

03/09/2015 12:21am

My only computer is my desktop so this tablet would be awesome to win! :)

03/09/2015 8:36am

Thank you, Nonperfect Parenting, for providing the review and hosting the giveaway. Our products are backed by 30-days return policy and 1-year warranty. Order from ValueChainUSA.com and get 5% discount.

Debra S.
03/09/2015 3:20pm

awww I wanted to enter to try to win but MY gosh! Too too many mandatory follow this and follow that... Aint NObody got time for that!

03/10/2015 7:46pm

I would love to own this. Thanks for the entry.

Monica Kirkham
03/10/2015 8:30pm

This would be perfect for my 11-year old twins. We only have one tablet in the house right now and it belongs to my 15 year old son. He actually doesn't really use it anymore, but has found that it is a handy tool to use to try to get his sisters to do his chores. We have had to enforce a rule that, under no circumstances are we to ever see them on his tablet anymore (a kid needs to do their own chores, in my opinion!) so now I need to buy a couple, as they should have their own to enjoy!

Fleta Wright
03/11/2015 3:38am

This is nice.

04/12/2016 2:52am

Ya!!!! This is very interesting news. I really impress from this blog because they give me useful knowledge.


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