Zubels are an adorable hand rattle that any baby is going to adore. Not only are they beautiful animal designs that are perfect for boys or girls, but they have a great selection for you to choose from also! 
     Zubels are 100% cotton, so you can feel good about the toy your child is playing with. Zubels isn't just for toys though. They also offer a selection of hats and sweaters for kiddos of all ages. So, even after your child has outgrown rattles and baby toys, they can still be wrapped in Zubels softness. 

     We had a chance to review one of these cute little critters. They are so soft and adorable. My son loved this rattle. It is hand knitted and they use eco-friendly low-impact dyes to create the brilliant color. I also love that each Zubels product comes in minimal packaging to create minimal waste. Each one is also hand stuffed to make them huggable and loveable. Their subtle textures, vibrant colors and hand embroidered details spark imaginary play. Every doll has a distinct personality just like every child!
     Go here to check out these incredible products! If you are having a new baby, or are a seasoned parent, you are going to want these in your home! 
Disclosure: The author of this blog received compensation in the form of free product in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% that of the author's.


ellen beck
03/25/2015 10:17pm

I like the idea of cotton rattles and they sounds so cute also.

Jaime Stroud
03/26/2015 9:12am

I have not heard of these before, very cool!! Great review!!

Crystal mexico
03/27/2015 11:49pm

These are such a great idea. Much better option than some of the hard plastic rattles they have out there. They're so cute too!

03/29/2015 4:19pm

I've always like cotton toys or plastic toys, they always last longer as well.


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