The Crayola Rainbow Rake is a new outdoor toy that your kiddos are going to love! I had the opportunity to review the Crayola Rainbow Rake with my little ones, and we had a blast! 
     TheCrayola Rainbow Rake takes sidewalk chalk to  a whole new level. It is brightly colored, so especially little ones want to get their hands on it right away. I love the chunkiness of the rake. It is easy to grasp, especially with little fingers. The chalk is easy to install in the rake, and the kiddo can take it out of the rake when they only want to draw with one color! 

     I love the rake because it allows children to experiment with five different colors all at once! The super cool thing is, if your child loves to play with shovels, rakes, and tools like mine do, this is going to combine their love of gardening with Crayola! It is a genius idea! The rake itself is very light, so even the smallest of kids can run while holding it! Round or square chalk can be used with it, so it is not limited in the use. 
     This is an awesome product since warm weather is on the way! It is a ton of fun and your little ones are going to love it! Be sure to check out the Crayola Rainbow Rake HERE on Crayola's site. They also have a ton of other new products
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Rachel Jarm
04/29/2015 6:58am

Omg I love Crayola!! I have some Crayola it's taking over my room. I can't wait till I can get this new rake.

Tre I love videos there so helpful


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