When you have a tiny kitchen like we do, it is necessary to make counter space look neat and organized. Our bread was always just lying about and looked displaced. This awesome Stainless Steel Bread Box from Francois et Mimi is a lifesaver. It helps my kitchen look neat and clean while saving space. 
     It is very sleek and clean looking and matches all of our appliances which I adore. The roll top provides easy access to anything that is inside. 

     The best thing about this bread box is that the glass is break resistant. It does claim to be shatter proof, but that is not the case. The first one I received came with the glass broken, but the company did replace it after a few emails. 
     I really love the look of the box. It is large enough to hold multiple loaves of bread, bagels, muffins, and more! You will love this! 
     Order this great item using the Amazon link below! 
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John Hutchens
04/12/2015 12:41pm

It looks like a very nice product, it would be awesome in the RV this summer.


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