These trays will create extra-large ice cubes in a perfectly square shape perfect for your larger classes, tumblers, or punch bowls for a fun and festive appearance. They're also easy to remove. Just add water, freeze, and then pop the ice cubes out when they're ready to use.

     You can make more than just ice with these large trays. Perfectly measure baby food, sauces, spices, herbs, and food portions and freeze for later use. When you're ready, just pop a cube and thaw before feeding, or add sauces and herbs directly to your meal as it cooks.
     Just put these trays right in the dishwasher when it's time to clean. They're top-rack safe and require no special treatment. They're also sturdy, and won't break down over time, even with repeated washing.
     Order your two pack from Amazon below! 
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Christy Caldwell
04/29/2015 7:14pm

These ice trays would be perfect for me when I make my iced coffee. Must get some.

Gina H.
04/29/2015 7:50pm

These would be so fun to put fruit into the ice cubes & put them in a punch bowl.

Anita Blankenship
04/29/2015 9:53pm

Awesome!! I'll have to get some of these! The kids will love em too :)


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